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Thursday, April 06, 2023

A Winter’s Tale "It's a beautiful production spanning both stages. And a genius exit, pursued by a bear." @The_Globe #TheWintersTale

A couple of weeks ago Stuart and I went to see Sean Holmes's production of A Winter’s Tale at the Globe Theatre and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on London's glitzy South Bank.
It’s a great show.
The audience start their journey in the aristocratic luxury of Sicilia’s claustrophobic court packed into the candlelit Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Then after the interval we move to the wide-screen, pastoral playground of Bohemia in the Globe Theatre, before once again returning to Playhouse for the end of the play.
Telling the story of two Kings (two brothers) we first witness one brother's jealously of his brother and his wife. The green-eyed monster takes over which leads first to despair, then death, and finally dismissal. Being Shakespeare all’s well that ends well with the usual mix of the banished returning, the once thought dead rising once again, and the regretful nobs kicking themselves for jumping to conclusions.
The use of the space is great, the acting is universally brilliant, and the comedic songs and stand-up routines in Bohemia are very funny. It's a deservedly sell-out production. Special mention does need to go to Ed Gaughan's Autolycus who is very, very funny. 
It's a beautiful production spanning both stages. And a genius exit, pursued by a bear.
Thumbing through the program I did notice the title of one of the creatives. "Candle Consultant."  Flaming heck!


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