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Monday, December 19, 2022

Kerry Jackson @ Dorfman Theatre…

A week or two back Stuart and I went to see writer April De Angelis’s new comedy Kerry Jackson at the Dorfman Theatre in London’s glitzy South Bank. 
We enjoyed it. Mostly. The play starts well enough with a good idea behind it. It’s funny too. But perhaps in the end I felt it doesn’t quite explore the characters motivation quite deeply enough much beyond their basic sit-comedic value. 
Kerry (Fay Ripley) is a working-class Essex woman who has gathered enough money to open a would-be Spanish restaurant in gentrified Walthamstow. She a right-winger, has the gift of the gab, and has little time for slackers.  Rather surprisingly in real life, but not in sit-com world, Kerry falls for left-winger neighbour Stephen (Michael Gould), who teaches philosophy at university. At first, it seems their love manages to bridge the gap between their views, but when she fails to feel sympathy for the fate of homeless person Will (Michael Fox), their differences become overpowering.
Thankfully, the comedy is top-notch. With one witty line after the other, Kerry is a volcano of energy, and Ripley’s portrayal is virtually flawless. Hers is not an easy character to portray, but she steals the show whenever she’s on stage. Her chemistry with Gould is also excellent; their banter is lovely, and while it’s a pity that this isn’t examined more closely, it is still one of the stronger aspects of this show.
Director Indhu Rubasingham’s production is also fantastic, featuring stunning sets and costumes by Richard Kent with gorgeous detail that hit the mark exactly. 
In summary, a little refinement to highlight the stakes more in-depth, rather than in breadth, would work wonders to make this a great piece of theatre a remarkable one.
(And all the overly negative reviews can do one.)

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