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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Lime Bike Hazard…

No more excuses for the blocked pavements @Uber !  All the @limebike should all be removed by @IslingtonBC Surely a hazard for all, especially those who are blind or partially sighted. I am neither but need to walk in the road to avoid. Death-trap.

The council should just impound them. Charge Uber/Lime £150 to get each one back.

Not blaming the council per se. Although it is they who are responsible for the streets. Just suggesting Uber do something about the inconsiderate people (they know who have hired every bike) or that the council remove the bikes entirely. That would soon make Uber pay attention and find and fine their inconsiderate users. 
So far Uber have done nothing. They could easily geofence the area.

They have an agreement with the council that states,  “A Residential Impact Assessment has been carried out (06/09/19) and is attached at Appendix 4. It found that all users of dockless hire vehicles, pedestrians and other road users will positively benefit from the minimum safety standards. Operators would be made more accountable in respect of responsible parking. Additionally, GPS chips will assist in reducing bike theft crime. Both would benefit all pedestrians using the public highway in the borough. Furthermore, ensuring an unobstructed footway is paramount to meeting the needs of disabled and/or persons with restricted mobility.”

The operator (Uber) have a responsibility to make sure their users keep the pavements unobstructed. The council could threaten to not renew their licence. But that could take years. Easily, quicker solution? Remove the badly parked ones! Just like they do to badly parked cars.

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