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Friday, November 18, 2022

A Single Man @ Park Theatre...

Last week Roger and I went to see A Single Man at the Park Theatre in London’s glitzy Finsbury Park.

Avid fans of Tom Ford's film adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's novella are quite likely to do a double-take; as Theo Fraser Steele gets dressed - suited, booted and bespectacled - as George in this stage version, so closely does he resemble Colin Firth. 
That resemblance continues when he starts to speak, capturing the exact same clipped, wry Englishness that contrasts so tellingly with the Californian drawl of most of the other characters.
Sadly the rest of the show is a bit of a let down though. 
Following the book rather too closely, the dialogue sounds like the excellent cast are simply reading from it.
We don't really connect with the characters. Which is a bit of a shame. 
That said, both Freddie Gaminara and Miles Molan are very, very watchable.


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