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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Trials @ Donmar Warehouse…

A few weeks ago, Stuart and I went to see The Trials at the Donmar Warehouse in London's glitzy West End.
Sometimes you go and see something and just sigh. Not because it's badly written as such (Dawn King’s text is OK, if a little laboured at times) or badly acted (that gay one from Heartstopper is in it), it's just a really eye-rollingly trite idea.  As subtle as a sledgehammer.
I should say, in this criticism I am completely at odds with most reviewers by the way - who all loved it!
Set in the near future a bunch of kids are holding court and putting adults on trial for crimes against the environment. If found guilty, the punishment is death.
The kids ask for defence statements from each of the accused and then argue over the answers (KLAXON: there is a lot of zealotry, piety and virtue signalling).
Not giving all their money away to an environment cause? GUILTY! 
Putting recycling in the wrong bag? GUILTY!
Being vegetarian not vegan? GUILTY! 
Having children? GUILTY!
Ok, you get the idea, they are all guilty.  There, you don't need to bother seeing it now.

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