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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Census 2021 : Religion…

Last Sunday was census day. A once in a decade chance to ask us all where we are, what we are, what we do, where we put it, and what we might believe. 

But it’s that leading ‘Religion’ question which I have a problem with…

The question the Census asks is, “What is your religion?”  This is a leading question. And it is itself too inherently ‘religious’ in my view. 

In my opinion there should first be a single option of Religion / No Religion as a binary choice; not listing lots of religions and “No Religion” being one of those options. If you select Religion them you can pick from a list. 

I just don’t equate “No Religion” with a long list of Religions. Humanism/atheism is not a religion!

So should be something like:
Question 1: Do you regard yourself as belonging to any particular religion?
Question 2: If you answered Yes above select from which one below, if not skip to question 3.
Question 3: …

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