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Monday, August 17, 2020

Guess Who Has Been In The Wars?

Top Tip: If you are going to venture back on the tube for the first time in 5 months after a big downpour on a Saturday... *do* hold on to the handrail (inspite of fears of Covid), *don't* wear your favourite trainers that have no tread left on the sole, and *don't* trust that the tube escalator steps won't be slippery from the wet.

I had just walked up the Northern Line escalator at Kings Cross hands-free when my foot slipped forward on the last wet metal step at the top. As my foot slipped forward, I fell backwards. Then, with nothing to grab on to, I tumbled fully backwards down the escalator hitting my head on the edge of each step on the way down. Luckily it was a short fall; just five or six steps. But those metal steps are pretty unforgiving. It must have sounded like the opening bars of the EastEnders closing theme. There was blood everywhere.

Over 5 hours in A&E; a broken rib, five deep cuts to my head that looked like a bear attack (now glued back together), a tear to my left ear, head to toe covered in bruises and cuts, and an impressive landscape of bloody red scratches down my whole back made by the escalator teeth. Ouch! 

Two days later I feel fine. And very lucky. It could have been so much worse if I had fallen on my back or my neck. The wonderful people at UCH patched me up (turns out Saturday are fairly quiet there these days) and the biggest bruise I am left with now is probably the one to my ego. I thought I had mastered "how to climb stairs" aged 3! Silly me. And those favourite trainers have gone in the bin.

Hold on to that tube escalator handrail! Especially when it's been raining.

The woman next to me in A and E had a broken arm. How did you do it I asked? I was arm wrestling with my sister she replied. Oh your sister must’ve had quite some grip. No, she said I won fair and square but then she hit me with a stool and broke my arm. 

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