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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival (RUFF) @ The Hen & Chickens Theatre

On Sunday night Darren and I went to watch some short LGBT films at the 3rd Rainbow Umbrella Film Festival (RUFF) at The Hen & Chickens Theatre in London's glitzy Islington.

The festival is run by filmmakers and aims to celebrate the very best in indie and encourage all aspects of independent LGBT film making.

Festival Director Mark Lyminister (Theatre Manager of The Hen & Chickens Theatre) says, "Rainbow umbrella has been set up to encourage actors and film makers from the LGBT community to have a platform to express their hopes, fears, desires and experiences and share them with new audiences. We aim to allow anyone with a voice, an opinion, a vision, a calling, to be free to write, act, direct and be free to express themselves through the medium of film. From first time film makers with little or no budget to the films with more experience and financial clout, they are all welcome under our umbrella! We want to share films that show every emotion of someone experiencing life as an LGBT person."

Short Films

Soft Hands (30 mins)
Director: Darren James King (UK)
One line review: Locally produced, heart-felt coming out story.

Harry Metcalfe: Big Gay Mess (14 mins)
Director: Alexandros Tsilifonis (UK)
One line review: Very funny, 4th wall breaking, comedy.

Following (Previously Like Me)  (8 mins)
Director: Eric Hinojosa (USA)
One line review: Amusing social media obsessive stalker meets his idol.

Love Letter (22 mins)
Director: Nathan Hannawin (UK)
One line review: Modern day lesbian couple helps long lost WWII lesbian couple reunite.

Bound 4 Heaven (14 mins)
Director: Alexey Samsonov (USA)
One line review: Rather obvious church intolerance fable.

Conversia (8 mins)
Director: Rom Lotan (USA)
One line review: If you could take a pill to make yourself straight would you take it?

In Her Place (16 mins)
Director: Jade Winters, Lisa Frederickson (UK)
One line review: Body-swap-with-lesbian-sister-car-crash-funeral-melodrama.

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