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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Junior Doctors' Strike...

My mother has cancer. She was recently diagnosed with it and today, the first day of the junior doctors' strike, she is due in hospital for an operation to have a large tumour removed from her colon.

I was chatting to her last night. Is she worried about her operation? Sure she is. We all are. Is she worried because of the strike? Absolutely not. She is 100% behind the strike. She knows she'll get great care no matter what.

She brought me up to have a strong sense of fairness and despite being a bit of a Tory thinks that junior doctors are not being treated fairly by the new contract being forced upon them by the Government.

So there you have it. Someone at the sharp end. Someone who is having life-saving/life-threatening surgery today. Someone who you might expect to be thinking "why are they striking today of all days?" but isn't. Someone who thinks that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has got it wrong.

And I couldn't be more proud of her.

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