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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holiday Entitlement...

An American friend asked me recently how much annual holiday I was entitled to each year at work. He was moaning he got just two weeks leave so couldn't come over to see me. So that's 10 days off a year (apart from national holidays.) Gosh!

I rather sheepishly had to admit we did rather better than that for holidays so maybe Stuart and I should come and see him instead. He pressed me for a more exact answer. I still didn't want to tell him. "You Europeans(?), you're are always on vacation. What is it 20 days? Something nuts? 25?!"

So I had to confess to him:- in 2013 I took 29 days holiday, still have 15 days holiday left over and as I work a 9-day fortnight had taken every other Friday off (an extra 26 days) on top of all that. So that's 55 days off and 15 to carry over. 70 days total.

He went very quiet. Then said, "Jees! No wonder your British economy is down the crapper!"

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