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Monday, June 25, 2012

San Francisco Gay Pride...

It was a long day. Long, hot and fabulous.

We were up early from an early night and had a super duper diner breakfast at Lori's. Then we traipsed down to Market to watch the parade go by.

Five hours it took. We went home at one point to have a break and came back to watch the rest. Epic.

There were the usual marchers; dykes on bikes, leather men, dance troupes, social groups, pressure groups, politicians, celebrities, bikers, recyclers, party animals and animal refuges. You name it.

After we'd had our fill we ambled over to City Hall where 5 blocks had been given over to hedonistic entertainment. Beers, dancing, 26 stages of music and mayhem. We loved it. Hundreds of thousands of people having a good time. And everyone seemed so good natured too. A perfect afternoon.

And being determined to guild the lily we headed over to the Lone Star Saloon to chat with dozens of people making firm friends and plans in vino veritas.

We left when we had enough and fell into our bed with just the right mixture of jet lag and tipsy. A good day.

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