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Friday, February 03, 2012

Sex With A Stranger...

Last night Stu and I watched Russell Tovey perform Sex With A Stranger at the Trafalgar Studios 2 in London's glitzy West End.

Written by Him & Her writer Stefan Golaszewski it was probably the best thing I've seen our Russell in. He acted his socks off. Which was one of the few items of clothing he kept on. He was at times shirtless, at times trouserless but always smouldering with sex appeal. Which was especially fun for us as he was within sniffing distance.

Co-starring Jaime Winstone and Naomi Sheldon the whole cast just gelled. Ms Winstone can certainly act I can tell you and Ms Sheldon's character was brilliantly played. And heart-breaking to watch.

If you can go. Do!


  1. Oh I'm so jelouse, you seeing Russell Tovey practically naked. There's something about him. Did you get photos?

    Antony x

  2. No, no photos sadly. It was a really small theatre and he was right in front of us so it would have been really obvious if I'd tried to take a snap.


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