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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Doing It Aussie-Style...

There is something really rather lovely about Australia. Sure the weather's good and there is lots of space. Sure the people are friendly, you're generally not far away from a beach, a barbie or both. And sure the quality of food, air and life is second to none. No, there's something else too. Something that that native Aussie's and ex-pats share alike. And it's a fairly open secret down here too.

This great open secret is that every *knows* what they have. They appreciate their good fortune. There is even a slight complicitness you see it people's faces as if to say, "it is good here, isn't it?" And it's really rather refreshing.

Such a contrast to British part-time moaning / full-time false modesty and Yankee bravado. Aussies aren't really boastfully - though they have much to boast about - no, they just like what they have, deservedly so, and are more than happy to tell you about it and encourage you to try it too.

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