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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Duckie's Lullaby...

On Saturday night Stuart and I went to sleep with fifty other people. All in the name theatre you understand.

Duckie was putting on it's Lullaby show at the Barbican Pit. We turned up at 10pm; got into our new M&S jim-jams, grabbed our teddy bears and settled down into our double bed waiting for things to start. Other had singles and triples to relax in.

The lights were dimmed at about 10:30pm and the show started. It was quite infantile in that we had child-like (as apposed to childish) bedtime stories, songs (lullabys naturally) and little dances. All the performers were dressed up in funny oversized costumes like octopuses or strange cloudy shapes like houses or elephants. They wafted around the space and between the beds coaxing us to sleep.

The show went on for about two hours and with the dimmed lights most people were soon asleep.

In the morning we were awoke to birdsong, little chicks chirping in a pen and breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers.

All in all another Duckie winner. Mainly for being weird rather than wonderful and pretty reasonably priced at £42 a head.

More pictures here.

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