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Monday, May 23, 2011

Songs For SurvivorsUK...

Last night Darren treated me and Mark to a fundraising night out at Cadogan Hall in London's glitzy Sloane Square. We went to see Lesley Garrett, David McAlmont, Ian Shaw, Meow Meow and Hannah Waddingham joined the London Gay Men’s Chorus in an evening of song celebrating SurvivorsUK and their clients – men who have been sexually violated.

"The Songs For SurvivorsUK concert marks the 25th anniversary of this pioneering organisation that provides a national helpline and London based counselling services to men who have experienced sexual violation at any time in their lives. The charity also assists the partners and carers of these men and provides links and signposting to services around the country."

Sadly Marc Almond and Lea DeLaria had cancelled but stand out act of the night was Meow Meow. Her brittle, jokey persona had us in stitches.

Good cause too.
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