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Saturday, April 02, 2011

And as for fortune and as for fame, I never invited them in...

On our last full day in Buenos Aires we thought we'd do a bit more exploring. First off we took the tube from the tube station Capital to the main shopping area. We were heading from the El Ateneo - a wonderful theatre that was converted into a cinema in the late 1920s and then in 2000 taken over by a famous booksellers and turned into a very popular bookshop. So weird to see bookshelves in the theatre. You can even sit in the boxes and read.

Then we carried on along the tube line a bit getting off near the Palermo Viejo area which runs from Santa Fe Avenue in the south to Córdoba Avenue in the north.

It is a newly fashionable area for design, restaurants, bars and street culture. The atmosphere in many cafés and restaurants was striving to be "alternative", which seemed to make this area of the city especially popular with young, upper-middle class Argentines as well as foreign tourists (i.e. us). The traditional low houses have been adapted into boutiques and bars, creating a bohemian feel - especially in Palermo Soho - where there is also a crafts fair.

We stopped there for some (very) late lunch and a few beers.

Repleat we made our way back in our hotel for more beers at the bar. A little bit worse for wear we popped up to the room to pack and had an early night.
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