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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Invisible Man...

Last Friday Stu treated me to a night at the theatre. We went to see The Invisible Man at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London's glitzy South Bank / London Bridge Quarter.

Following the plot of the original book quite closely the story was of a scientist who turns himself invisible but cannot become visible again, becoming mentally unstable as a result. The show however was framed within an Old Time Music Hall setting - the players regularly breaking the forth wall peppering the action with topical jokes. A sort of preposterous pantomime with added death, magic and a chorus line.

The cast did an excellent job. Gary Wilmot was fuuny as the tramp. The innkeeper's gal played by Natalie Casey was also good - especially when she jumped into my lap! And John Gordon Sinclair as the rarely seen hero gave just the right level of menace.

But it was the magic that really wowed. The illusionist behind the show Paul Kieve was the star. He brought us such tricks as curtains being opened, drawers being rifled and papers being shuffled all by the invisible character. A bread knife, with no wires visibly attached, hovered in the air and threatened the throat of a suspicious innkeeper. The crowning glory though was the big reveal - the dressing-gowned hero peels the bandages off his head only to reveal a total void still puffing on a glowing cigarette.

We laughed at the silliness, gasped at the magic and were thoroughly entertained throughout. Go see. Runs until 13th Feb.
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