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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Kitchen Of The Future...

Last night Stu and I went to the Barbican to listen to a debate organised by IKEA on their new report on what the future kitchen will be like in thirty years time. The report was based upon new research carried out by the retailer into consumers' "must-have" features in their 2040 kitchen. No big surprise in the the results which basically reveal that the room will remain the hub of the family. But householders in the UK and Ireland also say they want a kitchen with built-in energy efficiency that is inherently a "green" space in which the garden and kitchen merge, allowing food to be grown in both areas. Consumers also say they want reclaimed and recycled materials as standard for their kitchen products. It was interesting stuff.

And of course nice to have the free booze, free nibbles and a free goody-bag or two.

Also nice to have free entry into the Surreal House exhibition.

We fell into conversation with a couple of people at the event - the lovely Jane out of JanesLondon and another lovely lady Mary who lived in the Barbican itself.

We ended up back at Mary's for more drinks and chats. Great fun.
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