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Monday, August 02, 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris...

I Love You Phillip MorrisImage via Wikipedia
I love I Love You Phillip Morris and shall be queuing up to buy the Blu-Ray as it's out today.

It's had a checked past though. Released in Europe earlier this year it was moderately successful and has easily covered it's $15m production costs.

However there's still been no US release yet. Why could that be? Jim Carrey is a big star. Huge. As is Ewan McGreggor. And it's a comedy. A funny one at that. And it's proven that people will do and see it with it's European release.

Could it really be the legal wranglings of it's distributors, Consolidated Pictures Group that have caused the delay?

Or, as I suspect, it is because the film’s about a Christian man turning off the path and finding his salvation not in Jesus but in Phillip Morris’ arse.
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