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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And I, For One, Welcome Our New Tory Insect Overlords...

"Ladies and gentlemen, uh, we've just lost the picture, but what we've seen speaks for itself. The Corvair spacecraft has apparently been taken over- 'conquered' if you will- by a master race of giant Tory space ants. It's difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive Earthman or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the ants will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new Tory insect overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves." -- Kent Brockman

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  1. Anonymous3:53 pm

    That Mr Cameron looks rather nice. And most importantly, in command and CALM. So much more soothing than a self-lacerating temper man. Now we can all go to sleep. It's charming Disraeli vs brimstone Gladstone all over again. No wonder Queen Victoria preferred the former!


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