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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Genius Of Wenger...

Almunia - 2.5mil
Sagna - 6mil
Campbell - free
Vermaelen - 10mil
Clichy - 0.25mil
Song - 1 mil
Diaby - 2mil
Nasri - 12mil
Rosicky - 6.8 mil
Arshavin - 15mil
Bendtner - 0.2mil
Fabianski - 2mil
Eduardo - 7.5mil
Walcott - 9.1mil
Denilson - 3.4mil
Silvestre - 0.75mil
Eboue - 1mil
Traore - 0.25mil
Total cost: £79.75 mil

In the time since we bought these players we have made £140mil in transfers out. Also the average Chelski team (e.g. team fielded against us in November) cost £280mil - check transferleague.co.uk

Wenger is a transfer GENIUS.

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