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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mika and the King's Singers, Alex Gardner, Daisy Dares You...

Last night Stu and I went to our second Mencap Little Noise Sessions of the week - a series of exclusive, intimate gigs at the Union Chapel in Islington.

The show wasn't as good as the previous night largely because of the no-show of Paloma "I've lost my voice, honest" Faith.

First up was Daisy Dares You. They weren't bad. Perhaps a little rough round the edges. But she is only sixteen. Highlight song: Number One Enemy.

Next up was Xenomania protégé Alex Gardener. He is just eighteen, Scottish and blessed with boyish good looks. The buzz is that he's the 'male Duffy'. Hmmm. Good voice but not much stage presence I'm afraid. Highlight moment: Yesterday's News.

Last up were headliners Mika and The King's Singers. Love him or loathe him you can't argue Mika puts on a good show. The King's Singers added real depth to his catchy songs and in the surroundings of the Union Chapel seemed at times quite an inspirational choice. Mika was in total control of his band (he could even teach Prince a thing or two!) It was a crisp set extended perhaps a bit to fill in the gap left by Paloma Faith. He/we sang, he/we danced, he/we camped it up. Highlight moment: Over my shoulder . Haunting.

Afterwards we were interviewed by C4. I rabbited on while Stu couldn't get a word in edgeways. Oops. He was the Mary Wilson to my Diana Ross!

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