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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BT Tower...

I was lucky enough to go up the BT Tower earlier on today. There was a BT corporate event being held up there and they can invited me to attend.

The view was amazing from the 34th floor - although I did sneak up to the 35th too to take a peek.

After the BT discussion / presentation ended (panel included Martha Lane Fox) we sat down for lunch. Midway through the restaurant lurched and then started rotating. Clockwise. I put my iPhone compass on the table and watched the rotation. I reckon it rotated about 12 degrees a minute. So that was 360 degrees (one full rotation) in about half an hour.

All great fun.

They say they are thinking of opening the restaurant up to the public by 2012 - with Gary Rhodes mooted as the chef. If it goes ahead then they would be serving English fare, bringing his signature “old school” favourites, such as bread-and-butter pudding, spotted dick and faggots. Nice.

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