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Friday, June 19, 2009

Which Is Gayer?...

Me or you? Why, it's you of course!

OK, try this. Which is gayer, Graham Norton or Alan Carr?
Graham Norton by a whisker.

And did you know that
steak is actually overwelmingly gayer than quiche?

But of course
Kylie is way gayer than Britney (but not Madonna).

How do we know these things? Well, if you put "Gay Apple" into
google.co.uk you get 30m results, whilst "Gay Microsoft" gets just 12m results. Hence Apple is gayer than Microsoft. Fact. And this little site tests the comparative gayness of everything. With pie-charts for extra win.


  1. Anonymous8:11 am

    'stuart is officially gayer than luca!'

    I knew it! ;-)

  2. I knew it too. Are you going to tell him or shall I? :)

  3. Anonymous8:18 am

    Oh let me tell him! I'll also add that Jonathan is way gayer than Stuart ;-)

  4. Ah, but nobody is gayer than Luca.

  5. David CW1:38 pm

    Oh no... steak is also much straighter than quiche. And str8-er too.

    I cant believe I just checked that.


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