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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Star Trek Communicator...

Trekkies, to the bridge! Gadgeteers Dream Cheeky have come up with a VoIP/Skype speakerphone that looks exactly like a Star Trek Communicator.

It uses Bluetooth and will be launched to coincide with the arrival of the new movie.

I want one!


  1. Anonymous9:42 am

    come on Jonathan - trekkie communicators???? where are your posts on the new single by the pet shop boys, the trailer from torchwood? i thought you were down wid us all? you could have at least commented on the terrible song by girls aloud written by neil tennant.

  2. Ah, you have obviously missed my posts on those topics on Facebook, Twitter and all the other myriad of social network sites that sap up all my free time to the detriment of friends, family and loved ones :)

  3. But just to keep for in the loop:

    1. New PSB single "Love etc." is 'quite good' to quote a Popjustice phrase.
    2. New Torchwood trailer less good.
    3. Girls Aloud song is tepid at best.


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