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Friday, February 13, 2009


I love Spotify. It doesn't have the biggest range of music ever but it's still quite big. And it's free if you don't mind an advert every 30 mins or so. The sound quality is pretty good and it's very responsive. Faster than playing a locally stored track on iTunes I'd say. Great if you want to listen to that one track without actually buying it. Kind of like our own radio on last.fm.


  1. Paradigm shift ahoy! I think that Spotify could well overhaul the whole assumption that we need to OWN our music. If it's all there on demand, then why bother?

    I love, love, love it - and because it's less bloaty than iTunes, it's already become my default player of choice.

  2. Agreed! When Napster was the illegal download software of choice the idea of 'free' music on demand was born. Sure there are other subscription services available now (including the reborn Napster) but Spotify gives you the choice of free with ads, day sub or monthly sub which will appeal to first-timers and serial downloaders alike. And such a simple interface. And it's fast!


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