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Friday, August 29, 2008

Electric Picnic...

The flights from Spain went fairly smoothly. The Dublin weather that
greeted us was very warm - unlike the chill we felt when our airport
taxi driver started on his xenophobic rant. If only we'd had the
courage to not tip him.

Staying at the Dylan Hotel again, we had easy access to Temple Bar so
it seemed rude to not pop into out for a beer last night. I do love
Dublin. Such a friendly place (certain taxi drivers aside).

This morning we're hiring a car for three days so we're free to drive
out to the Electric Picnic festival - it should be about an hour and a
half from Dunlin (festival traffic permitting). We'll be staying at an
organic farm in Coolnowle so no tents for us. Apparently it's muddy as
he'll so we'll be buying welly boots en route.

As our objectioable cabby commented yesterday, "sounds like shit and
bollocks in a field to me."

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