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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brighton Pride: The Details...

Brighton Pride was great fun. The hotel we stayed in, Square Brighton, was really cool - clean, stylist and comfortable - so we've booked for 2009 Pride already.

On the Friday night we met up with all the boys for a beer or three in the Amsterdam bar. We wanted a good night's sleep so we didn't stay out too late. Good intentions being as fleeting as will-o'-the-wisp we ended up sleeping in on Saturday morning anyway. We must have needed the sleep I guess.

It was drizzling with rain when we did eventually get up so we made a diversion to TK Maxx (my first time in one of those, honest guv) to buy a cheap water-resistant hoody which delayed us even more. When we did make it to the parade it was up to its normal high standard but seemed way shorter than in previous years. The rain did let up a little bit so we all trouped off to Preston Park to begin the festivities proper. For 'festivities' read 'drinking'.

As it turned out we spent most of the day at the Bear Bar chatting with all and sundry. We did do one quick saunter around the park to loo for Charlie on the Glug stand but failing in that mission simply bought overpriced burgers and chips and ended up having barbecue sauce rolling down my chin.

Despite putting in a good show Stu was feeling a little tired late afternoon so he went to have a lie down back in the room. I carried on at the park for a wee while longer - well, until we were swept out with the trash at just after 8 o'clock. Stu was happy to extend his nap to a full blown 'staying in' so I joined David and for a bit of bar-hopping in town - Dr Brighton's, Legends and The Star Inn - before turning in.

On Sunday we went over to see Dave, Hari and little Rudi in Hove. The rain threatened (and then delivered) so the Bulldog street party later that day was a bit of a wash out. We returned to the Star Inn for some sanctuary with the goregous Darren, the hunky Chris and the handsome Hudd.

Stu and I headed to the station for the trip home later Sunday evening a little bit worse for wear but having had a great weekend. Till next year!

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