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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thanks Darling...

Today's budget:

·         Delay 2p rise in fuel duty for six months

·         6% increase in alcohol tax - with 2% annual rise for next four years

·         4p on pint of beer, 3p on cider, 14p on wine, 55p on spirits

·         11p on packet on 20 cigarettes, 4p on five cigars

·         Higher first year rate of road tax for most polluting cars

·         Increase in green tax on flights

·         Winter fuel payment up to £250m for over-60s and to £400 for over-80s

·         Require supermarkets to charge for plastic bags if they do not scrap them

·         More cash to tackle child poverty

·         Help with rising energy costs for poorer families

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