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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Goldfrapp at the Union Chapel
Last night Paul, Simon, Darren, David, Stu and myself went to see Goldfrapp perform at the Union Chapel. More seasoned readers may remember that way back in 2001 I'd seen Goldfrapp perform there and it had been one of the best concerts I had ever seen. That claim still remains true so expectations were high. And by some bizarre queue rearranging we'd managed to get quite near the front so an excellent view only heightened the excitement.

Just prior to the start of the gig they played some of the soundtrack to the classic 70s horror film from The Wicker Man - apparently a big influence on the current album Seventh Tree which was being showcased last night. It set the scene rather well for things to come.

The band (fulsome string section, harp, keyboards, drums, bass, guitar and electric violin) all appeared wearing white whereas Alison apparition ed right before us in a short pink smock. It was really happeneing. The show was about to begin.

And what a show it was. Quite sublime. They played the entire new album interspaced with tracks from the previous three; Felt Mountain, Black Cherry and Supernature. Alison's voice was note perfect throughout and the band just sounded great. The sound was spot on in fact. Couldn't fault it. The lighting was suitably moody too - apart from the odd psychodelic wig-out.

Tracks we were treated to included Clowns (about plastic surgery apparently), Number 1, Little Bird, Utopia, Road To Somewhere, Eat Yourself, Some People, Cologne Cerrone Houdini, Caravan Girl, Happiness, Monster Love and of course the current single A&E. Each was great with raptuous applause.

Seventh Tree is Goldfrapp's fourth studio album and a return to the more ethereal Felt Mountain rather than the glam Supernature. Throughout their career Goldfrapp have spanned the music of the 70s; folk, glam, rock, prog, disco and plain old good melodic pop songs. But here they are mainly using the elements of folk and ambient music. And to great effect. The results are magnificent. They have been likened to bands such as Air, Serge Gainsbourg, Jethro Tull, St Etienne, Kate Bush, Roxy Music, Cocteau Twins and Joni Mitchell. All of which I see but to me they have a style all of their own.

Of course the gig was over all too soon. Just 80 minutes. But what a gig. Fab.

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