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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Marc Almond at IndigO2...
The Saturday before last David, Paul and I went to see Marc Almond perform at the IndigO2. It was great show as expected and piqued with the oddness we've all come to expect when La Almond takes to the stage; the odd tantrum (lights shining in his eyes too brightly), the odd unexpected song (Ugly Head) and the odd bit of drama (running off stage clutching head). Great see him back on form and in a venue befitting him.


  1. Glad you had fun. I really enjoyed that night too.

    I'd seen Marc play in Brum and Liverpool from arguably the best spots in the house each time. (But in the "Carling Academy"-style venues that doesn't mean much!)

    You could tell he was on comfier turf: he's the kind of person who appreciates a few of life's luxuries, which had been in short supply in previous spit-and-sawdust venues.


  2. Yes, he does like his creature comforts.

    Nice blog Pete BTW


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