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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jonny Woo's Night of a Thousand Jay Astons...
Last night Andy got us tickets at the Soho Theatre to go see Jonny Woo's Night of a Thousand Jay Astons a drag lip synch musical about the alleged slutty one from Bucks Fizz (quite some title I think you'll agree).

JWNOATJAADLSMATASOFBZ has been around since last year and though it started as a straight musical about all of Bucks Fizz it soon found it's natural centre - femme fatale Jay Aston. As drag performance artist Jonny Woo says himself, "Jay wrote the book on how to pout. She didn't smile in a single Bucks Fizz photograph."

Although the show is based on fact it takes quite a few liberties along the way. Best though are the dance moves and all those Bucks Fizz classics; Run For Your Life, Land Of Make Believe, If You Can't Stand The Heat, Now Those Days Are Gone, When We Were Young and of course the fabulous Making Your Mind Up (complete with skirt ripping).

A great, but at fifty minutes let's not forget short, night out.

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