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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Marc Almond Signs New Record Deal...

Press Release:

Marc Almond has signed a new 3 album recording deal with Sequel/Sanctuary records under which his new studio album, 'Stardom Road', will be the first release in late May 2007. This album is a collection of cover songs (although there is one original song, too) that embody all the diverse influences that have shaped much of Marc’s musical life. The songs represent many of the styles which Marc has been associated with over the years; from the Torch Song ballad, Chanson, the crooners of the 1950's, the 1960's grand orchestral sounds, the 'over the top' pop glam of the 70's and the electro style of the 80's that made him famous. The album is, above all else, a musical journey through Marc Almond's life as an artist, a personal glimpse into his inspirations, aspirations and conclusions. It is perhaps his most important album being the first release since his near fatal motorcycle crash in 2004, from which he has had to make a public and private recovery. The crash was, as such ordeals are for all victims of traffic accidents, life changing. For Marc, recovery has proven to be frustrating and difficult, in addition his confidence as a performer and ability as a singer severely impaired by his injuries. Recording this album has formed part of
the recovery process and thereby represents a turning point as an artist.

The album has been compiled with the help of Tris Penna, who in turn produced many of the tracks with the acclaimed producer Marius de Vries and arranger Mike Smith. It features guest spots from Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons, Jools Holland, who Marc often tours with and Sarah Cracknell from St Etienne. Marc is thrilled to be a part of Sanctuary and an addition to the many diverse and cutting edge artists who are already a part of the label.


  1. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Excellent news. Will be interesting to see which songs he chooses.

  2. I've not seen a track listing yet but fingers crossed it'll be a good 'un!


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