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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Tail feathers were indeed shaken...
I went down to support Darren at Shake Your Tail Feather last night at Flip. I had every intention of arriving early and leaving early as it was a 'school night' and I was knackered after quite a few late nights at work. Well, I got it half right anyway. I arrived early. But as for leaving early that was a different matter. After downing a few pints, chatting with Darren, gazing longingly at Paolo (guest DJ Jo's husband) I had a little dance. Or two. And just when I was girding my lions to sprint for the last tube around 12:15 Phil offered me a lift home if I stayed and kept him company. As Phil is quite cute and the offer of a lift was hard to refuse I stayed. Northern Soul is so much more fun when you (a) have had a few, (b) have the opportunity to dance, and (c) have a cute man to dance with. Take it from me.

So I got home late. Very late. What could I say to my wife? "Darling, I've been beaten up again". Let's face it she's as credulous as hell. A punk stopped me on the street. He said "you got a light, mac?" I said "No, but I got a dark brown overcoat'".
(OK. Just me with the Bonzo Dod Do-Dah Band references, then)

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