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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Culture - high and low...
Damien Hirst at The Saatchi Gallery
I few weeks back Paul and I went to County Hall to see some of the contemporary art that Saatchi had collected and had put on display for all to see. All good stuff and a must see for art fans and Philistines alike. Walk past the shark in formaldehyde closely from front to back and watch it move round behind you. Spooky. But that diesel oil don't 'alf stink though.

Art Deco
The following week we tried to go and see the Art Deco at the V&A. Huge queues so didn't fancy waiting 3 hours to get in. Perhaps we should have booked!

X-Men 2 (or X2 as it's called in some strange quarters)
I liked X-Men and this was more of the same. My only comment would be "too many goodies and not enough baddies". Alan Cumming was a dream-boat as ever - even covered in blue paint.

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