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Friday, December 27, 2002

Xmas Presents 2002...
Look what Santa(s) brought me for Crimble:-
Santa C - A Rough Guide to London Restaurants
Santa N - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club CD / Carter Beats The Devil (oh-oh, got that) / The Corrections (oh-oh, got that too)
Santa P & Santa M - The Office DVD + The Office scripts / Rick Stein cookbook
Santa M - Watch camera / Zelda: Link To The Past for Game Boy Advance
Santa B - Belgium chocolates
Santa TiG - Closer to Heaven CD
Santa D & Santa H - Cufflinks
Santa C & Santa S - Leather bound road atlas
Santa J - Office DVD (er.. that'll be two of those then!) / Gym ball
Santa M & Santa D - A case of red wine / a case of white wine / posh coasters / posh table mats / a cocktail shaker / a cocktail book
Santa S & Santa D - Trivial Pursuit 1980s Ed.

Thank you everyone.


  1. Louis Arthur4:59 am

    Without any doubt, I want Santa C’s present, please!!! I mean, who wouldn’t love a rough guide covering all the restaurants in London. I mean, I am legit so busy with all this transcription of qualitative research that it has been a long time I tried sth new. There are a few otg restaurants, that’s it. So it would be great to get a guide hahaha!

  2. David Soy8:19 am

    I just want dissertation help from the Santa and nothing else.

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