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Sunday, December 09, 2001

You, the Knight and the music…
There was no Ant and Dec on SM:TV Live or CD:UK yesterday. They have left for bigger and (I suspect not) better things. Cat Deeley was left to run the show(s). It just wasn’t the same. The show(s) felt a bit naked without them. I suspect the planned series of ‘guest presenters’ will do nothing to help either. Shame.

One item that they had on CD:UK that was of note though was a telephone interview with (please call me Sir) Elton John in Las Vegas. There was a sour faced picture of him on the screen while he denied rumours of leaving the music industry. Naturally he was on to plug something, in this case his new single “This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore” – a rather charming return to form for our Elton. So impressed was I that I think I shall add 'Songs From The West Coast' to my Amazon wish list.

'This Train…' perhaps appropriately, features the backing vocals of Gary Barlow (the dullest man in pop) and the video features sexy little Justin Timberlake (the luckiest man in pop).

Personally I quite like ‘pop will eat itself’ / self-referential / up its own arse pop videos. And this is a prime example. Justin Timberlake plays Elton John in the video circa 1974 and I must say he pulls it off rather well.

I can see The Sun headline now. “Britney Spear's boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, pulls off Elton John!” Fnah, fnah.

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