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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Flight @ Bridge Theatre…

On Friday afternoon Stuart and I went to see Flight at the Bridge Theatre in London’s glitzy Potters Field. 

Based on the novel Hinterland by Caroline Brothers and adapted by Oliver Emanuel, Flight is a very intimate show. 

From a private booth, we were drawn in close to this tale of orphaned brothers and their desperate odyssey across Europe, the action unfolding in an exquisite world of miniatures moving before you.  With their small inheritance stitched into their clothes, young Aryan and Kabir set off on an epic journey by foot from Kabul to London. Braving bustling train stations, hazardous sea crossings, menacing strangers and threats of violence, their heart wrenching story speaks of terror, hope and survival. 

Flight  certainly combined timely themes with engrossing images to honour the resilience of refugee children adrift in dangerous lands. 

Seated alone, in a vibrating chair, we were given headphones for this intimate experience staged by Candice Edmunds and Jamie Harrison (magic and illusion designer for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child). As richly detailed model sets and figures revolve to form gripping scenes, accompanied by enclosing sound and narration, the effect was of an astonishing 3-D graphic novel being unveiled.

The story was perhaps a little predictable at times but no less powerful for that. 

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