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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Hate Crime...

Duty done. Stuart and I were just victims of a crime. A hate crime. Okay maybe not a big crime in some people’s eyes but an important one I think. We were homophonically abused as we walked along the road to the shops to go and buy some food for dinner. 
Three youths cycling in the opposite direction thought it might be fun to swing by us as close as possible and shout “FAGGOT!” in our faces. Well, up with this I will not put! I’ve reported them to the police. It’s a hate crime.  Ok it probably doesn’t really affect Stuart and I particularly deeply - kids behaving like idiots - but there are plenty of people who it would affect.  Profoundly. And I’m not gonna fucking put up with it a few yards from my own fucking front door! Fuckers! 🤬

Update: Met Police just called. They are coming round at 9am tomorrow to take a description of the person. 👍

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