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Friday, June 26, 2020

What a relief! ...

A second bit of outside toilet news. Or as I call it; some wee news you might to be glad to be privy, two.  And a rare thing for me, a public thank you to our local Islington Council.

Nearby Highbury Fields is a lovely green space and is working very hard providing a place to socialise safely in the sunshine. With pubs and bars still closed the place has been quite busy becoming a bit of a beer garden.  

Bigger crowds bring their own bursting issues of course. Especially after a skin full. 

Some local people have understandably been upset that some revellers have been relieving themselves in the park and local gardens. No one likes an inconsiderate slasher in the park.

Luckily the local council staff have been creative and have now opened additional toilets in the Highbury Fields play area with a fab one way socially distanced queuing system accessed on Highbury Crescent near the swimming pool. Open 9am - 9pm. So that makes three places to take a leak. 

What a relief! 

Mainly people are respecting physical distancing in the Fields and there’s a lovely hum of chatter and fun across the whole area. So it is great to see the council staff responding by thinking hard about how people can use the park safely and without pissing off (and on) the neighbours. 

As a side note, like many public spaces around the country, not everyone takes their picnic waste home or at least puts it in one of the many bins provided. So good old Islington Council greenspaces team have provided extra staff each night - not only making sure everyone is safe but as late night litter pickers too. Nice one. 

So thanks for both taking the piss, and for not being (or standing for) rubbish.

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