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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Hawai’i : Oahu...

So here we are, on our last Hawaiian island. Oahu is the home of the lovely (but perhaps a tad over-developed) Honolulu, the world famous Pearl Harbour, and equally lovely AND famous Waikiki Beach. And very friendly people. Very. 

We had random people (tourists mainly) come to to us and say, “Hi guys. Cool shirts. Great socks. What are you up to later?”  “Hey you two. Loving the accent. You about later?” Pat us on the back in the street, tell us they used to live in the UK, ask us all sorts of stuff about our visit, and where we were drinking later. So basically it’s a very, very friendly place. With great sunsets. 

Tomorrow we head back to the UK. It will be sad to leave. It‘s a been a great holiday. 

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