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Friday, August 02, 2013

The Sound Of Music at Open Air Theatre Regents Park...

Last night Stu and I went to see nuns and Nazis singing and sinning in the park. That's the nuns doing the singing and the Nazis doing the sinning not the other way around.

Stu's favourite musical is The Sound Of Music and the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre put on a great show. The leads were excellent, the script funny, the supports acted well, the kids were great and the orchestra did us proud.

It was the regular musical version with the oft omitted songs re-added and the score in the correct order - not the mixed up film version order.

One funny bit was the abbess saying VERY dis-tinct-ly... "What is it you... CAAAN'T.. face?" Which produced loads of sniggers.

We loved it and are planning a return visit.


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