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Friday, December 14, 2012


Dear RyanAir,
1) You are a bunch of rich ***ts. But, unfortunately, you're proud of that fact. 2) You hate people. You hate your staff. You hate your passengers. Your contempt for people is utterly unparalleled. They hate you. It's fine. However, your flights are astonishingly cheap. 3) I have the solution to your PR. It will make you nicer and people might not hate you as much. Therefore ultimately richer! 4) Here's a clue. I would rather pay 50 quid IN ONE GO for a flight, than a flight advertised at a pound with 49 pounds worth of hidden extras because every time you do this I feel like I am being raped by a stupid Irish cock. You make me feel like shit. Which is why I fly Easyjet now. Who incidentally, are like a Bugatti Veyron to your rusty Reliant Robin. 5) Make the inside of your planes SLIGHTLY nicer. Just tone down that fucking yellow. 6) Michael Leary, whatever your name is... You are a ***t. 7) Profit!
- A Passenger

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