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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Swine 'Flu...

I wrote this back in 2009. It's as true then as it is now.

If the media is to be believed recently then we're in for Black Death v2.0. 

I have just one thing to say to that. Y2KLet's shoot the messenger!

Sky News, BBC News, CNN, ITN, Fox News (especially Fox News!) let's line them all up and shoot them all!

I think there's plenty of guilt to go around. Perhaps BBC Three's 60 Second News team could be spared - to be used later as our Let's Shoot The Messenger Ministry of Information.

I'm too much of a realist to by an optimist and too much of a cynic to be a realist. Life is shit and then you die. On the plus side however death will be slightly more pleasurable than listening to another scare story about swine 'flu!

Charlie Brooker's got the right idea. All news is bad news. Let's shoot the messenger.

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