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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pop Quiz - The Questions...

Last night the lovely David, the gorgeous Darren and I relived a few old memories and went down to the Pop Quiz at the Retro Bar in London's glitzy West End. The rules hadn't really changed but the fee had - up from £1 per team to £1 per person. Makes sense really as the bigger teams have more chance.
We got sixteen and a half out of twenty with just a few slip ups including a rather painful answer that we got right - but then changed after a misleading clue from the quiz mistress. The winners got seventeen and a half and won some CDs. As we came second we got to choose a prize too and won three Munny zipper pull. Mine's now on my camera strap.
So here are the questions. Give it a go (without Google!)
Noughties Round
01. Who had a hit with Hey Ya?
02. Who had a hit with a falsetto cover of Comfortably Numb?
03. What was Ms Dynamite's biggest UK hit? (spelling important)
04. Who had a top ten hit with Heartbeats in 2004?
05. Which band covered Grace's Not Over Yet (and added an "It's" in the process)?
Covers Round
06. What Bangles song did the Puppini Sisters cover?
07. David Bowie did a cover of Waiting For The Man. But who performed the original?
08. What Pointer Sisters song did song post-punk band Le Tigre cover?
Neil Diamond Round
09. "Where it began, I can't begin to know when. But then I know it's growing strong." Name the Neil Diamond song?
10. "Far. We've been travelling far. Without a home. But not without a star." Name the Neil Diamond song?
Seventies Round
11. Which punky poet fronted band had a much covered song called Dancing Barefoot? (need the full title of the band)
12. Who's first single was called Mongoloid?
13. Who co-wrote (and recorded) the track Sister Midnight with David Bowie before Bowie then recorded it himself under the title Red Money?
14. Who first recorded Re-make/Re-model?
15. Who recorded the track Needles in the Camel's Eye on their début album in 1974?
Guilty Pleasures Round
16. Who's début single was called Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble using a sample of the theme tune of the 1960s television series I Dream of Jeannie?
17. Who had a song out called Rude Boy earlier in 2010?
18. Which drag persona has had viral hits and is all over Youtube with videos like Shoes, Txt Message Breakup and Let Me Borrow That Top?
19. Who had a big hit with Kiss Me, Honey, Honey, Kiss Me?
20. Who recordred The Man With The Golden Gun?
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  1. Oh, the nostalgia! Some total guesses here, obv.

    1. outkast
    2. scissor sisters
    3. dy-na-mi-te
    4. jose gonzalez
    5. klaxons
    6. walk like an egyptian
    7. velvet underground
    8. slow hand
    9. sweet caroline
    10. beautiful noise
    11. patti smith band
    12. devo (well, it was actually a double a-side with jocko homo, but no matter)
    13. ooh, that's a TOUGH one!
    14. roxy music
    15. supertramp
    16. dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince (featuring will smith, but "will smith" is not the correct answer)
    17. rihanna
    18. god, i am so out of the loop! tonetta?
    19. eartha kitt (oh, but there was a cover, wasn't there? no, it's gone...)
    20. LULU!!!

  2. Oh, was 19 covered by Garbage? I rather think it was.

  3. You got thirteen and a half Mike.


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