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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You say potato, I say ghoughpteighbteau...

Ghoughpteighbteau? It's an example of a constructed word, used for illustration of irregularities in spelling in English. It is a respelling of the word 'potato', and like potato is pronounced /poʊˈteɪtoʊ/.

It has:
gh, pronounced /p/ as in hiccough /ˈhɪkəp/;
ough, pronounced /oʊ/ as in though /ðoʊ/;
pt, pronounced /t/ as in ptomaine /ˈtoʊmeɪn/;
eigh, pronounced /eɪ/ as in neigh /neɪ/;
bt, pronounced /t/ as in debt /dɛt/;
eau, pronounced /oʊ/ as in bureau /ˈbjʊəroʊ/.

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