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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Canada: Victoria...

Our last full day in Canada so we decided to take a day trip to Vancouver Island. It was a bit of a haul - a twelve hour plus round trip but we wanted to explore the coastline a bit more and perhaps catch a glimpse of a whale on the way.

Our transportation method of choice was coach to the ocean then ferry across to the island and then coach again once there. This seemed to be the best way to relax and take pictures, listen to the live commentary should we want to and also take a nap(!) The driver was a right comedian and gave us the low down on what we were seeing as well as the state of politics in British Columbia.

The trip was good fun - despite the initial rain. Victoria wasn't quite the chintzy bundle of British kitschiness we'd been lead to believe but is was good to see it. We had a late lunch in a Scottish-themed pub (no really) and then spent the next two hours playing "I see your and raise you " Oh, we laughed.

The day wasn't a total wash out though. We got to spend some time in the rather wonderful Butchart Gardens (fifty-five acres of stunning floral show) and despite not actually spotting any whales, we did enjoy our little cruise amongst the Gulf Islands.

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