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Friday, October 03, 2008


Pano, David, Andy, Kev, Tony, Stuart and I went to see Eurobeat at the Novello Theatre last night. As Terry Wogan said on tape at the end of the show, "If you liked the show tell your friends. If you didn't like the show keep it to yourself... nobody likes a whinger".

So I'll take his advice and keep it to myself.


  1. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Maybe you are "terminally high-minded" as I am sure you are well and truly familiar with Eurovison!

    (Extract from a review in The Guardian):

    "A spoof on the Eurovision song contest, Eurobeat should really be dubbed Eurotrash. Because that's what it is: complete and utter drivel. But it knows that it's rubbish, revels in its own camp ridiculousness and wheels on Terry Wogan (on film) to send himself up. As a result it is a real hoot, a sparkly, spandex-clad, bad-taste extravaganza. Like the movie of Mamma Mia!, it is entirely without merit, but also hugely enjoyable and infectiously addictive. Unlike many of the trashier West End musicals of the moment - Never Forget, Dirty Dancing - it is a great night out for all but the terminally high-minded and those entirely unfamiliar with the Eurovision phenomenon."

  2. Yes, maybe I am. I have read the reviews; Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Sun, Time Out and various other organs. Some before and some after seeing the show.

    I won't go into details as to why I didn't like it - which I was encouraged to do by the management that night and again the next day - let's just say "it didn't work for me."

    Most of the other peoeple I went with loved it which is great. We can't all love everything!

  3. Anonymous6:37 pm

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