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Friday, September 05, 2008

Separted At Birth?...


  1. Anonymous6:22 am

    I have absolutely NO idea who either of these people are and feel totally excluded from this entry. Am I missing out on something really funny? bcb :-)

  2. Seven of Nine is a disconnected Borg who has a cortical node to control her cybernetic implants, such as her ocular implant that improves her visual acuity. Whereas Helen...

  3. Anonymous4:49 pm

    AHA!! Thanks ever so much for that explanation. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    bcb (still with NO idea of the 'joke') x

  4. Anonymous10:02 pm

    No idea here, either.

  5. Seven Of Nine is a famous character from Star Trek: Voyager - the oft repeated sci-fi television show - played by Jeri Ryan. Helen Bradley is a mate of mine who at Electric Picnic last weekend had some face painting done that to my mind made her look a little bit like Seven Of Nine. So the posting is a visual joke / visual pun based on two pictures looking sort of the same but swapping the names at the bottom to create the joke. You really don't need to know who Helen is but the gag rather relies on you knowing who Seven Of Nine is.


  6. Anonymous9:03 am

    Nope. First of all, I have never met Helen Bradley, nor seen a photograph of her before. Why would I have? She's your friend. It looks like she lives in a cave and I haven't been anywhere like that....ever. Oh, apart from Wookey Hole once. On a school trip. A long time ago. Before colour tv. So, that first part of the gag doesn't work for me.

    Secondly, I have never, ever, been exposed to 'Star Trek' in any of its incarnations, although I HAVE heard about its particularly bad hair and make-up, cheap costumes, props and sets. So, that's no help either, I guess. That's why the second part of the gag also doesn't work.

    Then, even if I DO transpose the names, as you suggest, it still is completely lost on me.

    You probably meant well with this entry and, no doubt, it made someone smirk in that smug knowing way that an 'in' joke does. That wasn't me. Maybe next time, eh?


  7. Anonymous2:57 pm

    That's you told. Must do better.


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