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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Long Weekend...

It's been a fun few days. People to stay, things to celebrate and stuff to do. On Thursday Marc and Bernd our friends from Cologne came to stay for weekend and it was great to host them. That evening we went out to celebrate my job promotion up and down the strip and got completely wasted. Hurrah!

Friday was a quiet day for me (spent descaling the washing machine and dishwasher if you must know) but by the evening we were ready for more fun so we all went out for drinks and supper in Soho. By Saturday afternoon we had recovered enough to make it to drinks at the OXO tower to celebrate Rod and Frank's commitment ceremony. A very lavish do and lots of fun. In the evening we went to Duckie with the boys to see the The Cholmondeleys & The Featherstonehaughs with music from Yum Yum Band. Weird, funny and compelling. Great fun. By Sunday we were beginning to flag but girding our loins we headed off on an East End escapade - Columbia Road flower market, Brick Lane, brief tour of the environs and then down to Southwark Park to the Cuban festival before heading back to the river for beers. All great fun. But by the evening we were pooped. Not that that stopped us doing cheap drinks last night mind you.


  1. Anonymous9:29 am

    What a great weekend! Thank you so much for your hospiality and all the fun we had. Looking forward to seeing you next time. Maybe at our wedding or at the latest in Sitges in September.
    Hug and kiss, Bernd

  2. Yes, it was great to see you guys too. See you soon! Jx


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